Goal: self-running electric car charger

Spiral Perm Magnet MotorWhat does a tech-savvy patent examiner do when he retires from government service? If he has the technical insights and passion for clean energy of my friend, Thomas Valone, Ph.D., he leaves no stone–or magnet–unturned until can build something that powers an electric car via clean energy.

Tom retired  this year; he was a patent examiner for the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office. He notes that at the same time,  the science journal Nature and MIT Tech Review both predicted a 4 to 5 degree C rise by 2100. That mobilized him further to dust off his earlier project and get it running.

“I am going full time into the Spiral Permanent Magnet Motor project which is now a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo,” he wrote. “We need your help please.”

“Our intent is to fast-track its development and licensing so as to market a self-running, ‘on-the-go’ electric car charger within one year.”

Tom’s peer-reviewed conference paper about the motor had more than 900 reads on ResearchGate as of last week.

“This is a low cost, low risk, high payback project which uses available, off-the-shelf technology to become a self-sustaining, clean energy motor with the wonders of energy harvesting.”

This URL link connects with his campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/spiral-design-permanent-magnet-motor#/


Tewari video on gravity control

Toby Grotz also sent a link to a video about Paramahamsa Tewari talking about gravity control in the context of his Space Vortex Theory. The theoretical basis for gravity control and an explanation of the gravity control experiments conducted by Canadian Wilbert Smith were explained by Mr. Tewari in a lecture which can be seen […]

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video of Paramahamsa Tewari at home

Tewari Discovering UniversalReality

The passing last month of a special gentleman, Paramahamsa Tewari, of India, saddens me. His invention did not receive the funding it deserves. On a more upbeat note, I want to draw attention to a video embedded in a tribute written by his friend Toby Grotz.  The video gives us glimpses into the beautiful spirit […]

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Expo 2017 future energy International Women’s Forum


I’m heading to an adventure–all expenses paid trip to Expo 2017 to be on a panel discussion (participants mostly from Asian and European countries) as part of an International Women’s Forum. Kazakhstan is hosting Expo 2017 and its theme is Future Energy. Tomorrow I fly to Calgary, Frankfurt and then Astana, capital of Kazakhstan 24 […]

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No kiddin'; a book is underway

cropd JM n goats

Ran across this photo of 5 years ago at friends’ farm. It shows my delight in being outdoors after a long winter. This year I’ll share backyard chores to give me more time for Hidden Energy, the book I’m writing with Susan Manewich. So family friend Marc is planning and planting in the 10 veggie […]

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