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HeroX_Emily_Fowler_action-March2015Knowing that revolutionary energy inventions are a reality, ZPenergy.com proposed an innovation competition years ago, but didn’t get buy-in from people who could make it happen. Now the time may be right, because a major Abundant Clean Energy prize is on the drawing board, backed by people with money. Here’s the background:

You’ve all heard of the X-prize. In 2013 a spin-off called HeroX was born, as a result of the 2011 partnering of City Light Capital with XPRIZE. HeroX co-founders are XPRIZE founder Peter Diamandis, challenge designer Emily Fowler (in photo) and entrepreneur Christian Cotichini.

Their press materials say HeroX was created “to democratize the innovation model of XPRIZE.” The HeroX platform “exists to enable anyone, anywhere in the world, to create a challenge that addresses any problem or opportunity, build a community around that challenge and activate the circumstances that can lead to a breakthrough innovation.”

“On a planet awash with energy, in a universe where all matter is made of immense amounts of energy, we find our society forced to make bad choices for most of our energy supply from a set of technologies as old as the transistor, not to mention fire. “

Obviously we need new and better sources of energy. The XPRIZE Foundation offers skills in designing and executing incentive prize competitions. They’re asking for input and help on an Abundant Clean Energy prize.

“….Lots of promising ideas are on the drawing boards of inventors, small companies and scientific researchers.  They exist.  How do we draw them out and validate them so they can get the support they need to scale up and serve this huge need/market?  What better way than a well-designed, very large XPRIZE?”

They’re putting up a $50,000 prize purse for people who help design this one. The purse is “broken into pieces to incentivize you to help come up with better and better ideas on how to accomplish these objectives.” “The more great ideas and collaboration you share, the more points you get.  The more points you get, the more money you get – and the more you help the world.”

To quote the website, they’re looking for “ideas on how to design the prize to:

  1. Attract the best, most transformative new clean energy technologies and inventions
  2. Optimally incentivize the most talented inventors/scientists/engineers to participate
  3. Clearly define prize competition structure and rules
  4. Set up scientific protocols to test and verify/validate entries
  5. Set up judging criteria to efficiently evaluate and sort through entries while not discouraging ‘adventurous’ submissions.”

To get involved, go to https://herox.com/AbundantCleanEnergy/guidelines






  1. Jeane, it will be interesting to see how this prize progresses. Will surely tell us where the field is at right now and if people are willing to come out and connect in with HeroX

  2. “Incentivize” is as much a problem of lack of communication as it is a lack of funding, or a lack of intellectual property protection, or a reasonable paranoia of inventors (in light of how many similar inventors have died under mysterious circumstances while also having their inventions disappear into oblivion). In my own case; great improvements to electric motors and generators have been found, improvements so simple as to be elusive in their counter-intuitiveness: ideas that would be easy for nearly anyone to steal- without patented protections for myself. While these motor/generator ideas would be great for the environment- doubling the range of electric vehicles, amplifying and storing of solar power, or doubling the efficiency of wind power- an inability to make and sell my own inventions could leave me poor, having wasted years of my life working at totally reinventing the existing electric motor/generator technology: i would have wasted all of my difficult hours of hard work to find these simplified improvements while watching others get rewarded or take credit for my discoveries. Not only have i found it difficult to get any funding assistance, i have also found it difficult to connect to and communicate with other “free energy” inventors who are supposedly doing similar things. I don’t want a ton of publicity before i have even filed any patent applications and secured my intellectual property. Other “free enegy” and magnet motor inventors and researchers probably have the same fears. Therefore; the real problem to “incentivizing” my breakthrough energy technology (high-torque, high-speed and ultralight electric engines and high-output electric generators) are: 1.) how can i find those who are in a position to help me with seed money to start my new motor company, and 2.) how do i get these potential investors excited about my inventions, share these breakthrough ideas with them (peer review), without giving away too much information such that any motor or generator manufacurer out there could easily steal my ideas and improve their own designs without paying me a single dime? Such has already happened with my last invention for “virtual reality”, from thirty years ago. Even with a US Patent (#5394029), both my idea for the electronic compass, and my idea for “artificial reality” (my original name for stereoscopic, graphics rendering headsets) were stolen from me.

  3. Does anyone out there have suggestion/s for John?
    What comes to my mind is that if you could possibly get to the Energy Science and Technology Conference in Hayden, Idaho, in July you would find new colleagues who have faced similar questions.

  4. I came in first place in the Quick Start Wiki competition, but after the two months worth of work contributing to the wiki earning me top spot on the leaderboard, I was shocked when they announced winners and I was nowhere to be found.

    They turned the promise of $50k for 5 prizes (5 winners) into $40k for 2 winners, the two guys behind me on their leaderboard.

    When inquired for an explanation, their explanation was “sorry, you were not entered properly and not eligible”. When I complained, they deleted all my compaints. Paul Musille, the project manager, refuses to answer a single phone call, despite my 1000 wiki contributions; I was one of only two to make more than 1000 and they can’t even answer the phone a single time as their thank you.

    I’m still #1 on the competition leaderboard:


    A higher level of consciousness, awareness and thinking is prerequisite to a new energy paradigm. The people involved with this project deliberated on the winners for over a month, but this wasn’t enough time for them to realize how bad the optics would be and bad will their announcement of winners would create.

    Some common courtesy should have been shown me. I won their competition according to their leaderboard, I earned at least some decency, but they discarded me, deleted my profile (while keeping all my wiki contributions of course). How this is supposed to bring the movement forward is beyond me.

    The optics of not giving the full $50k they promised while telling the guy atop their leaderboard to go fly a kite is beyond me. Paul Musille, and whomever else was in charge of this project management should be fired. James Farrell, who I believe put up the money, is going to burn through so much of his riches when this is the nonsense it buys.

    I was ready to sing the praises of this next chapter, now all I can do is taste more stank in yet another sad day in never ending saga of free energy.

    Todd B Ridolph

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