Ambrose Lane interviews Breakthrough Power author on free energy

Knowing I’ll be interviewed on the topic of “free energy” for a radio program early the next morning instills a certain anxiety – can I depend on the alarm clock? It cooperated nicely this morning before the Ambrose Lane show, on WPFW, 89.3 FM in Washington DC, phoned.

The callers to the show really “get it” that people on fixed incomes and the dispossessed and indigenous peoples of Earth should have access to low-cost clean energy. Some listeners had already encountered breakthrough concepts – one had seen the DVD “Fire From Water” about cold fusion, another knew about the Water Fuel Cell of Stan Meyer. Hearing that inventions have been suppressed, one caller said “if (society had) reacted this way in the late 1800s about the automobile, the auto would never had been invented.”

Yes, the car was a disruptive technology – to the horse-and-carriage industry. And now the breakthrough inventions are seen as potentially disruptive to the carbon fuel and nuclear power industries. And they are also being described as having potential for military purposes. That is another excuse for labeling them as a “national security threat”. If the same rules had been applied a century and more ago, no one would have been able to get a patent on internal combustion engines because they could be used to power military tanks. Inventors of automobile technology would have been threatened, marginalized, ignored, ridiculed or whatever it takes to intimidate and sideline proponents of a new technology.

What we’re saying is that new energy breakthroughs could make a huge difference in empowering people in their everyday lives. Let the inventions get patented and welcomed onto a level playing field with funding for further research and development!



  1. Michael R. Himes says:

    As long as the immediate needs of society are being met by existing energy sources there is no public demand for change. This plays into the hands of those seeking to control energy markets and driving prices up based on published reports of scarce supply.
    In times past there was demand for change based on travel and transport time constraints. Corporations did not exercise constraints on innovations as long as they brought in profits to industries.
    Today innovations are a threat to established income and even if a new product is introduced the cost savings in manufacture are not realized in what the consumer pays for the new technology. So people talk and do very little if anything to bring about change.
    An increaseingly corrupt and stagnant society will only change if a threat to their comfort level presents itself….like climate change or an innovation slips through the cracks caused by corruption at some level.

  2. Many don’t realize that we don’t need a break through technology to reduce our pollution by 50%.

    Just by applying various cheap retrofit in a vehicle we can reduce pollution by more than 50% and at the same time better mileage. Some example are waterfuelforall hidroxy, ionizer at air filter, strong magnet at fuel line, water vapor injection, fuel vaporizer enhancer, more attention to aerodinamics back flow, use of $10 vortex tehnology, plasma plug, and many more.

    I am saying that we can make a huge change by utilizing existing but forgotten technology. Don’t you just love your old car without smelly exhaust?

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