Appropriate economics could solve problems

Turning around the economic system that’s destroying Earth is a big problem.

Could there be an economic system that solves world problems instead of making more problems? Yes, we know it’s possible for the human family to do things differently, and such thinking is now coming from academics and former bureaucrats, not just from marginalized fringe groups and individuals.

Wayne H. of Aigina, Greece, referred me to a Gaian Economics website presenting the ideas of certain independent researchers who want to develop a whole new kind of economics “that has the planet at its heart and shares the planet’s resources fairly between its people.”

Gaian Economics is opposed to globalised, competitive capitalism, and the website explores related topics including war, trade and work.



  1. This is fantastic, Jeane, especially since corporate agendas have gotten us to where we are. Thanks for bringing this site to our attention.

  2. MICHAEL R. HIMES says:

    Competition is the mother of invention. I may add that whether by War or Space Exploration new inventions are driven by competitive challenge. A simple barter system works in the tribal society. However, this exchange system is not scalable beyound small communities. Think small and grow extinct like the Neanderthals. They always ate meat they could kill and never used farming or other methods for building shelters but depended upon existing caves.

    They were “Bred” out of existence as a society so I guess there is still some of the inbred Neanderthal thought process still kicking around?

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