ask World Bank to stop funding dirty fuel projects

Big Oil and Coal grab their public money from many different places. Oil Change International (OCI) sent thousands of letters to the U.S. Congress to oppose subsidies, and now asks for your help in solving the problem of international fossil fuel subsidies.

Here’s why: Global financial institutions such as the World Bank provide subsidies to oil, gas and coal companies. Your tax dollars may have helped the World Bank spend more than $6 billion last year on oil, gas and coal projects in developing countries. A fraction of that money could have put any one of many New Energy projects into the marketplace.

Right now the World Bank is updating its energy investing strategy for the next decade. OCI is asking the World Bank to phase out those dirty subsidies and shift its lending to support for clean, reliable, and sustainable energy projects and services that honestly give the poorest in the developing world access to energy, says OCI.

“Despite its pro-poor, pro-climate rhetoric, the Bank’s fossil fuel lending has increased 400 percent since 2006. Furthermore, according to Oil Change International’s independent analysis, NONE of these projects were funded specifically to provide energy access to the poor, which the Bank says is its mission.”

On March 1, 2011, Oil Change International will call on the Bank to free us from fossil fuels. Before that date, we can add our collective weight to the OCI appeal by signing their petition.



  1. Here’s the contact link for world bank:,,contentMDK:20041066~menuPK:34582~pagePK:43912~piPK:44037~theSitePK:29708,00.html

    You might use the “anti-corruption” email or phone number.

    or this one:
    The World Bank
    1818 H Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20433 USA
    tel: (202) 473-1000

  2. Frank Apostol says:

    To Whom it May Concern:
    For the World Bank, or any other institution for that matter, to subsidise the fossil fuel industry, it is morally criminal though not statutorilly so.
    The money that has been used in this manner is far more than enough to have brought several of the ready to go fossil fuel displacing technologies on line.
    To bring these technologies in to use would alter the planet politically, culturally, and economically in a most favorable way. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge/sensibility in any one or all of the three afore mentioned areas understands what I’ve said without my having to explain it.
    Whatever it takes to effect a change from the status quo MUST somehow be done!!!

  3. Another good example of how unfair renewable energy is treated. The fossil fuel industry is heavily subsidized through a myriad of tax breaks and direct subsidies. Through the world bank, hundreds of millions of people will now be thrown into energy dependance and ultimately hunger/slavery when fossil fuel becomes too expensive. Shameful/disgusting U.S. politics………

  4. Allen Frankel says:

    In a free society and country, the world bank, other banks and governments must get out of the way to allow the use of free and alternative energies that do no harm to the environment and our health. Is it really moral to allow the above to continue to directly subsidize non-renewable energies at the expense of our health, the economy and the Earth and our freedom of choice?

    To be honest, I am impatient — cannot keep waiting decades for so called “Free Energy” or “Energy From the Vacuum” to be utilized. Our future now in the 21st century dictates the use of free and alternative forms of energy.

    Thank you —

  5. we need revisit our priorities: Global warming/climate change is one of the most
    URGENT! all the subsidies should go to renewable energy projects: solar, wind /etc Electric transportation

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