Bedini battery-cooking DVD is ready

The Crystal Battery lecture by John Bedini is available on DVD now. It was a popular talk at the 2011 Renaissance Charge Conference in Idaho, on the topic of a do-it-yourself free energy technology.  The DVD runs more than 100 minutes and includes a lively Q and A with John Bedini and his assistant, Chuck Hupp.  Three cameras filmed the action while Bedini cooked up a battery in front of the audience.Videographer Tony Craddock is offering to bundle this DVD with the previously released DVD “Crystal Battery Basics” as a two-disc set for those who haven’t already bought the earlier one, also available from the Tom Bearden Online Store.



  1. Grindean Mircea says:

    I am from Romania, Europe.
    I’m pro free energy all the time
    Can I bay this DVD whit information about to do-myself free energy technology?


  2. hello,
    You can go to Tom Bearden’s website, linked from my blogroll, and buy it there.
    thanks for the comment.

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