Bedini will be at Nov. 13-14 technical conference

Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho – where I went to high school and first two years of college – is the site for an unusual conference Nov. 13-14. For $250 admission plus your room and meal costs, you’ll get a chance to spend time with the world-renowned inventor John Bedini and others of like-mind in actually assembling and discussing cutting-edge alternative energy technology. I know they’ll deliver all that and more. Peter Lindemann will reveal motor secrets, Jeff Wilson is said to have a machine that runs itself as well as charges itself and there will be other speakers too.  I’ll be there as a guest, but don’t want to take much podium time because I expect that attendees will be eager to get at the hands-on assembling of technology! It’ll be right after the Nov. 11 free-admission event at Pacific University in Oregon where we’ll be speaking — a very exciting week.

According to their flyer the Idaho event, organized by Renaisance Chargers LLC., will focus on:

  • Practical and efficient alternative energy solutions,
  • Quality workshop-building of such systems,
  • Theory, and
  • How to convert your vehicle to 100% electric and keep your batteries

It will be held at  Coeur D’Alene Resort with registration at 8 a.m. Nov. 13th. There’s a limit of 500 persons. $250 person, or $60 each for child 12 and under with adult (limit two) . Registration fees can be sent to

Renaissance Charge, LLC
10183 N Aero Dr. Ste 3
Hayden, ID 83835

Motors and battery chargers will be on display. You’ll learn about companies, upcoming products and directions. Then comes the hands-on — groups of maybe 4 people per group building battery-charger kits for a few hours, and work on a new monopole kit. This gives everyone an opportunity to work together and discuss relevant questions about building the kits.

Then comes “the big event where we either finish up putting together the 30-coiler or spend most of the time running it with the optional generator coils outputting to an AC load, and other bigger motors, with questions and answering.”

There will also be a Big Surprise event. I’ll try to blog right away afterward. During the event, no cellphones or cameras are allowed we’re told.  Sounds like a well-planned conference.



  1. Frank Apostol says:

    This sounds like a very productive and therefore a very exciting event. My only sorrow is that my financial circumstances at this time will not permit me to attend.

    I have read the one book that you,Jeane Manning, authord,and the two that you co-authord about energy. I have read some of the writings of and about Peter Lindemann and John Bedini, and several others relative to energy.

    I am an admirer of you all! Please keep up the good work; it is sorely needed by the planet as a whole!!!

  2. Manuel Angel Amezcua Soto says:

    Es una reunion muy importante y muy bien planeada; yo estaré allí y disfrutaré de la sabiduria de estos hombres. lo que no se muy bien en que cuenta y en que dia debo poner el dinero (250$) Si alguien me lo puede decir se lo agradeceria.

  3. when is next workshop please inform me thakyou John. Also about meny different things like A to Z books. how to books. I would like to learn about melting gold from CPs scrap Thanks John for your time.

  4. New fan doesn’t fix my Tesla charger, 3rd day with out power.
    Need contact soon please.
    Your voicemail is not set up and have sent email.
    208 290~2968 Please call.
    Dave Weisgram

  5. Dave, I’m not involved in marketing any products, including the chargers. You’ll have to contact whomever you bought the charger from. I hope you have power soon!

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