BEM conference had humor, humanity

Members of the human family from 21 countries attended the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference. The candid photo here is of two from the USA — speaker Catherine Austin Fitts and MC Mitchell Rabin.  I like it because her gesture could be described as “powerful woman,” and she is — in admirable ways. The story she’s sharing with her friend may have nothing to do with flexing one’s muscles, however.

Mitch Rabin wears many hats including author and founder of A Better World Radio & TV, based in New York City. He hosts shows on topics in line with the Breakthrough Energy Movement — healing, environment, consciousness and “Conscious Capitalism and Politics.”

Catherine also uses the power of her intellect in service and toward a better world. She’s savvy about the hard realities that face a whistle-blower, having been managing director of a Wall Street investment bank, and Assistant Secretary of Housing/Federal Housing Commissioner at Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush administration, and having been president of Hamilton Securities Group Inc. Therein are many stories; for a chronicle see a link on her website. More recently she founded Solari. She serves on the board of the Gold Anti-trust Action Commitee and publishes a column, “Mapping the Real Deal,” in Scoop Media in New Zealand.

So now that I’m back from travels including a spiritual retreat in Oregon, I’ll go through my photos and notes and write the article that Infinite Energy magazine has commissioned, about the Global BEM conference in Hilversum, Holland earlier this month. There were numerous extraordinary speakers with intent to create a better world — a world in which the finest qualities of both men and women are allowed to shine.



  1. Sounds like a positive and hopeful conference. It’s good to know that aware and evolved people are working towards a better world. And you are one of them, Jeane!

  2. Positive and hopeful conference is an understatement. It was ground breaking and inspirational. Best conference I have attended. Hope there will be more like it and that it will spark positive change.

  3. Congratulations! I just found out that Joel is going to be on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory! I listen to that show every night and I’ll be listening tonight.
    In fact, it starts in 2 minutes so catch you later.

  4. Where was your “spiritual retreat” that you went to in Oregon?
    Just curious because I live in Oregon and would like to know about it.
    Sounds like something I’d be interested in.

  5. hello Jeremy,
    It was in 2012, and the retreat was for longtime students of the spiritual path called Eckankar. (

    I appreciate your question and will sign off with “May the blessings be.” which is a non-directed prayer. In other words, I don’t try to direct the divine force or tell the Creator what to do. Instead I guess I just want to be in alignment with whatever is for the best… To be love in my little sphere of contacts.
    More information than you asked for!

  6. “May the blessings be” – Very nice way to invite blessings into your life as opposed to praying for it or trying to force blessings to happen. I’m going to say this too! I see it as living in a state of “being”, rather than a state of “doing”. I believe that “being” is the first and most important step in the creative process. “Doing” stems from “being”, at least for me.

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