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 An engineer friend who has known about the Bloom Box fuel cells for a long time reminds us that the units run on natural gas or propane and are less than 50% efficient (they run very hot), use oxygen from the air and release CO2 among other things.

He says that despite the hype, Bloom Boxes are far from the goals of freedom from fossil fuels and far from being a replacement for a central utility system. “We both know there are truly revolutionary technologies out there that would make all these obsolete. Unfortunately they will never see the light of day until the genuine inventors, the open minded scientists and the honest truth seeking public — media and business — unite under a powerful organization.”

Would you like a template for such an organization to get things done? He reminds us to read the proposal, at, for an Xtreme Science Foundation XSF).



  1. Michael R. Himes says:

    Do New Energy advocates have a powerful lobby in Congress and if they did would a “Broken” Congress respond to their influence? The answer there is no lobby and yes the US Congress is disfunctional.

    Is it logical then to confront a major US corporation like GE or Westinghous with a new energy device proposal to augment their existing energy engines? Tesla did just that and actually pitted one company to compete with the other major competitor. This approach, in vue of world marketing of new ideas, can be applied to competing mega corporations in overseas markets as well.
    Since economics is the driver rather than clean air or efficient energy production, make the appeal with proven science at the pocket book level. That may be below the belt but none the less down and dirty and EFFECTIVE!

  2. The “Energy Miracle” mentioned by Bill Gates recently is first, one of contact. Remember “Hadin Industries” a wholly owned mega corporation from the motion picture “Contact”? The issue was to facilitate the communications from aliens to the shaker and mover Hadin Industries. Electron Power System’s “Micro Fusion” incorporation of the Clem Engine might go to MicroSoft and say, “I’ve got an alien miracle and would you like to take a ride”?

  3. Why don’t we just go back to using ammonia as fuel? no carbon, more efficient than hydrogen, work for diesel petrol or even fuel cell, already available, and can be done even now.

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