beware unauthorized website for Hutchison Effect

John Hutchison has been warning people that if they donate money to the unauthorized “” website, it doesn’t reach him. He estimates, judging by the traffic count on, that it may have pulled in as much as $100,000 in donations. He has tried to get the site shut down, but has not been able to since he’s not its administrator or owner.What can we learn from his frustrating experience? I’d say it’s about “choose your friends carefully.” Being open-hearted — a wonderful quality — John at one time years ago allowed the person who put up that site to have access to his photos, documents, videos. It sounded like a great opportunity to have a website. But he now no longer has any control over what those personal photos etc. are being used for.

I see that the request for donations is carefully worded so that the donors are giving their money to keep the website up. They might not read that message carefully and may think they are helping John Hutchison. Not.


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