Billionaire Sidney Kimmel helps clean-energy cause

Billionaire businessman Sidney Kimmel is putting $5.5 million toward making “cold fusion” successes more reliable. His interest in the topic had been piqued in 2009 by a television program.

To recap that year: producers of the TV program 60 Minutes had wanted to find out whether cold fusion is real. They looked for an independent scientist to check it out and chose Rob Duncan, vice chancellor of research at Missouri University and an expert in measuring energy. He was said to have been a skeptic about cold fusion before 60 Minutes sent him to Israel to investigate the work of a company called Energetics Technologies. Duncan was given free rein in Energetics’ cold fusion laboratory and came back convinced that the process is real.

After Duncan returned from that trip, the billionaire phoned to chat with him.

It took a while for Kimmel’s interest to translate into funding for the university, but recently Duncan learned about the generous gift of money and equipment. Kimmel’s donation will create a Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance which will involve researchers from the Missouri University Research Reactor, and physics, engineering and chemistry departments.

The gift will allow M.U. scientists to do pure-science research. One online commentator said it could keep a scientific team going for a year.

The Columbia Daily Tribune, the newspaper that’s my main source for this story, cites Kimmel’s statement that he chose Missouri University because it is has research capacity across several fields and is interested in benefiting society.

Cold fusion research is more advanced than most people realize. Over the years since 1989, certain scientists around the world have seen excess heat from experiments with forms of hydrogen interacting with palladium, platinum or nickel. Many of them now call it Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, or LENR. If researchers learn exactly where the heat comes from, they and others may be able to repeat the success consistently.

Then we’d eventually be able  to replace that gas-fueled furnace with an LENR clean-energy heater.





  1. nikola dojcinovski says:


    As the cost of energy increases, many of us have begun to explore new options of generating
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    Nikola Dojcinovski

  2. Brian Ahern says:

    Jeanne the conference in Maryland featured Osamu Ide. I need to contact him. Can you provide an e-mail address? I am working on the same topic and would like to collaborate. His over unity transformers seem to be real to me.

    Brian Ahern
    Boxborough MA

  3. Nikola Dojcinovski says:

    I gut involved in new energy generation products after my retirement and I worked from one product to the next for full 12 years. Through this years I ended with one patent and two patent pendings. The last product that I invented is not patented but it will change the way energy will be produced in the future.
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    Nikola Dojcinovski

  4. Hi Nikola
    This sounds very good for moving vehicles, But how do you power a house or high rise office block or properties or other buildings. I’ve not seen any mobile factories driving around any where. have you? The system you have described need a lot of battery storage that constantly need recharging to to keep the system working. also your average small 1 or 2 bed-roomed house requires at least 10Kw during the summer and 15Kw in the winter. Yours falls a little bit short. My Eco 1 Hydrogen Engine works 24/7 without the use of Solar or wind-power. It may incorporate them if required. Its Clean and it saves you money. It works 24/7 as long as it is supplied with water. this can be seawater, rainwater, river-water, melted snow or ice or tap water, This means it is available to anyone/anywhere in the world. Where power or energy is needed. From the tropics to the frozen north and south poles and even underwater in submarines etc. Its simple and its reliable.


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