Blue Energy is Green

Been meaning to visit friends at the Blue Energy facility south of Vancouver, so I tonight started with a virtual visit. They’ve renovated their website at
Inspired by the immensity of untapped power in rip tides and other ocean currents, Martin Burger founded the company in 1990 and collaborated with a brilliant inventor-aerospace engineer, the late Barry Davis, to develop and promote the Davis Hydro Turbine. They evolved its design from a stand-alone unit to an ocean-class tidal bridge. This Blue Energy breakthrough is unique – distinct from other methods of converting the power of tides into electricity.  What I like best about it is that fish can flow through it without being whacked, and you don’t have to dam up anything.
Blue Energy engineers have designed a modular system for tapping into ocean turbine energy. The advantage of modules is that the technology can be scaled to differently sized projects that each have dual benefits. For one build-cost, a tidal bridge could

-generate thousands of megawatts of electricity while at the same time

-solve a transportation problem between islands or between island and mainland.

What would a tidal bridge look like? The little video at presents the Blue Energy bridge concept, showing it underwater and above, with vehicles driving on the bridge.


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