Why corporations shouldn’t rule




  1. Hi again, Jeane,

    On “Why corporations shouldn’t rule”, aren’t *we*, the ordinary folk, supposed, through our elected representatives, rule the corporations? It seems we did that once, through institutions called regulations. Then, sometime in the ’80s, when Mrs. Thatcher, Mr. Reagan, Mr. Mulroney, Dr. Friedman, and others of that sort came on tap, the largest corporations – mosly oil-based – managed to convince the above lot and their “advisers”, lackeys, and supporters, that regulations were not only costing the big corporations lotsa money (even though they were making lotsa money), but were hurting small business too, and we customers would have to pay the costs of all those regulations through higher prices. Now, with the Wall St. mortgage debacle, job losses of all sorts, the Deepwater Horizon fiasco in the Gulf, and other muck-ups, how much are we all paying, and *going* to pay in various ways?

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