BP volcano — entrepreneur’s mop-up ideas ignored

Film maker and science researcher David Sereda says:

“I have been dealing with NOAA and Boeing on this oil spill. So far, all progressive ideas about using natural microbes to bio-remediate the oil have been ignored. We have a company with 8 million pounds of cotton waste product with live organisms that sequester oil from the water and eat the oil...”

BTW, David wears many additional hats, including author, space scientist, physicist, ecologist and spiritual explorer. He spoke in Congress for Clean Fusion Power in 1993, and has marketed sustainable housing, breakthroughs in oil spill clean-up, solar, wind and hydrogen technology.

On a related note, a New Energy Movement Canada friend sends a link to ” a natural solution to oil cleanup”.


The video is of two guys who use kitchen apparatus to demonstrate mopping up crude via ordinary hay.  Too little, too late for the oil gusher in the Gulf?  All I know is that we may have to “make hay while the sun shines” as the old farmers’ saying goes — regarding support of clean energy-technology breakthroughs —  before the cost of the Gulf tragedy clouds over the global economy.



  1. Rbarney says:

    If the pipe is made of ferrous material, trying small magnets covered or part covered in rubberized type material that won’t be affected short term by the oil itself, if the engineers can “stream inject” these into the fracture building up a ball in the pipe and surrounding area, may be worth a shot.

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