Brief: article re Bedini battery-charging tech

In August I was asked to do a short article for New Connexions, a magazine from the Pacific Northwest. Article was titled:

Earth-saving, One Battery at a Time

by Jeane Manning

Who expected that the “exotic Tesla technology” finally available for sale would be an innocuous battery rejuvenator capable of bringing back to life, then extending the capacity and lifespan of, about 80 percent of dead encrusted batteries? Reducing those toxic heaps of discarded batteries isn’t a free-energy job, but it could help clean up Earth.

Audio engineer John Bedini has been perfecting the unusual battery charger and other devices for decades. Now the chargers are sold by his company Energenx and others. An allied company, Renaissance Charge, held a Free Energy Convention in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, demonstrating vehicles such as a Porsche and a lawn tractor converted to electric systems that include the battery innovation. During the convention a 26-foot cabin cruiser boat docked at the resort hotel and glided out on the lake, running on a 100-horsepower Bedini Magnetic Window Motor connected to an innovative controller.

Conference organizer Rick Friedrich says the technologies produce ideal battery charging, allow for higher efficiencies in motor systems, and charge larger battery banks to a greater voltage range. Also, unique permanent magnet motor designs “allow for added efficiency which also can add to a secondary charging process that sometimes is used to keep the primary source charged.”

At the convention, Bedini shared the how-to – some of his technical secrets – about working with the background energy of the universe that famous inventor Nikola Tesla in the nineteenth century had called Radiant Energy, and some physicists speak of as vacuum energy. They say that at an invisible level of activity the so-called vacuum of space in which Earth floats is actually a seething sea of energy.

In the newest DVD of Tony Craddock’s Energy From The Vacuum science series — Crystal Battery Basics — Bedini gives a demonstration similar to what he walked the audience through at the conference. He explains how to take common ingredients and make a practically indestructible battery that can light LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes). Even non-technical viewers could buy a piece of magnesium and a hemisphere of copper a few inches across, condition the copper with the help of a hotplate and Borax, grab some powdered alum from Granny’s pickling supplies and follow Bedini’s instructions. You could make yard lights powered only by a mist of fog or a few dew drops activating the crystal batteries. Free energy.


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