Buddha’s Brain and balance during tough times

How can deeply concerned individuals stay balanced in these tough times? Today Rob Kall, publisher of OpEdNews.com, began an article with this question:  how can we challenge the worst offenders — the despoilers of environment, government and society — without getting their toxic pollutants on our hands or in our hearts?

He says he’s facing a struggle at this time when environmental destruction, injustice, betrayal and lies are evoking outrage in people who have woken up. Kall asks, “Can we challenge the wrongs without hurting ourselves in the process?”

Kall, radio host, president of Futurehealth, Inc, inventor and contributor to Huffingtonpost, recently read the book Buddha’s Brain and interviewed its co-author, Rick Hanson, on www.futurehealth.org/podcasts. Hanson gives practical wisdom, such as in the story of the Native American elder asked for the secret behind her respected wisdom and obvious happiness.  She replied that in her heart are two wolves — a wolf of love and a wolf of hate.  “It all depends on which one I feed each day.”

I haven’t read that book yet, but it sounds like a timely reminder to be compassionate with people who seem to be the enemy. At the same time, wrongdoing that is wrecking ecosystems and wrecking society cannot be tolerated. This is the moment to stand up and speak truth to power. Rob Kall has been doing that valiantly with his popular but under-funded OpEdNews.

Today he wrote about balancing passion and anger, equanimity and action. U.S. President Obama seems strong in equanimity while visiting the disaster site in the Gulf. But passion for serious change? We’re not yet convinced of that.

Criminals need to be named and called out and accused, Kall points out. “But it’s important to be careful not to get too caught up in the outrage. It affects who we are and who we become.”

I agree with Rob Kall that it’s hardly possible to see and know what’s being perpetrated without feeling anger and outrage, but we don’t have to express our message angrily. “Can we proceed with action and intention in ways that make a difference without being infected by the bad guys’ energy? That’s a challenge worth taking on.”



  1. Darrel Tracy says:

    Well said Jeane & Rob

    I find that I can be true to my self by focusing on a vision of what I want… rather than the mess around me. Said another way: Don’t fight your enemy.. support his opponent. We get what we focus our attention upon.

    I’m beginning to think that the invention we’ve all (the enlightened ones) been waiting for…. drum-roll…. is the internet & social media. This tool allows me to learn about the hundred-year-old game-changing inventions and communicate with others faster than the debunkers and suppressors can keep up.

    I think that the most satisfying outcome will be to put the energy criminals out of business by making their products irrelevant and obsolete. At this point in time it’s just a matter of education & communication. The young people are soooo very good at this via their social media. Wouldn’t it be neat to get a few of them really tuned on and passionate about these new ideas!!

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