Can breakthroughs help restore ecosystems?

A year ago, Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World was awarded a silver medal;  our book was named by the Independent Publishers’ international competition as  ‘2009 Book of the Year’ in the category “Most Likely to Save the Planet.”

Well, we all know that a book can’t save anything; it’s just an object. But could a critical mass of people, enough members of  the human family united in determination, make a difference to the living systems entwined on a planet? My co-author Joel Garbon and I believe that we so-called “ordinary” people can indeed make a difference, and that promoting the breakthroughs in new clean-energy science is one of the ways.

Most people don’t even know that oil wars, radioactive wastes, and desecration of rivers and oceans in the name of energy supplies are all out-moded and unnecessary. There are better technologies waiting for the opportunity to advance to the market place. They would give us small-scale but power-abundant, low-cost and local energy sources. Some types of inventions could actually clean polluted waters while in the process of providing electric power.

What can you do to help create that political will? You can refer your friends and associates to    This is a shameless plug for our book, because it’s the outcome of our combined thirty-some years of research and pondering how to word what we’ve learned — how to write in such a way that even the most non-technical person can get excited about what energy breakthroughs could mean in their near-future lives.  Enjoy it!



  1. Darrel Tracy says:

    Right On Jean… Spreading the word is so very important.. watch for opportunities. I recently watched the movie Who Killed the Electric Car and sent an email to Chelsea Sexton a few days ago(who played a prominent role) sharing with her.. some of what I’ve learned here. This morning I sent her a link to the Magnetronic Motor Patent that I found by following threads in the plane crash story… I just now got a ‘Thanks’ from her.

    You can read about Chelsea

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