Changing Course

A peaceful prosperous future is more possible than you may realize. You can help it to begin in this decade. Plenty of non-polluting power to run our vehicles, homes and factories is proven to be available. The oil lobby, nuclear lobby and other vested interests made sure that you’ve neither heard about it, nor taken it seriously. Now you can learn about the potential abundance of clean energy.

Imagine a more-enlightened civilization, here, in our time. Picture brilliant blue skies over a productive landscape swept clean of dirty coal-fired power plants. There are no diesel smokestacks. Trucks, railroad engines, cars and aircraft run on hydrogen, and their only exhaust is a puff of water vapor. The hydrogen comes from electrolyzed water. Electricity is made by watermills, like upside-down windmills, planted in caissons on the beds of swift rivers or in strong tides off our seashores. Fish safely swim past the caissons, while above them millions of watts of electricity are generated by the movements of water (which is 832 times denser than air and therefore can flow at a slower speed than wind and still move the blades powerfully).

Tidal power, hydrogen fuel cells and other emerging energy technologies can create countless new jobs. When you have plenty of cheap clean power for heat, greenhouses of all sizes can be growing food anywhere. Recycling all metals is now possible, and cleaning up polluted waterways and soils. Starving people could irrigate their deserts with desalinated sea water. With as much electricity as you want, what peaceful uses can you think of, to create satisfying jobs?

Why fight oil wars and oil spills, and pollute our water, soil and air with radioactive wastes from nuclear plants, when we as a society have clear alternatives? The answer is that we, the people, just haven’t bothered to learn about the powerful new alternatives and support them. It’s time we changed course.

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