Clean-energy progress in Europe

Found an online knowledge base about local-power projects in Europe and I hope to visit a few at the end of this year, or early in 2011 — when I visit my daughter and her family in France. The projects are in the right direction, and new energy breakthroughs would make even them more cost-effective. They show what an inspired citizenry can do. Why can’t more North Americans live equally sustainable lives? Maybe we have to unite our voices and insist on sweeping away all kinds of stifling bureaucratic regulations that resulted from lobbying by vested interests.

Denmark has a “renewable energy island”, Greece is planning a similar network on an island, Iceland of course led the world with their hydrogen economy, and a district on the south side of Stockholm, Sweden, milks every last joule and watt out of their household wastes. Those are just a few of the European projects in which people use common sense instead of just doing everything the way every other city or town does.


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