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I’m a newbie at blogging and I’ll have to find out how to correct a date. Somehow a post I wrote in draft form in June is finally posted.  Don’t ask what took so long.  Anyway it’s dated September. Fact is, the interview with Dr. Nick Begich was back on June 12th. No big deal, but I just want to set the record straight until I figure out how to go in here and make changes.



  1. Emily Donelan says:

    There is a new energy product based on electolysis of water. The project involved 3 inventors from France who visited an inventor in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. The retrokit is fitted onto machinery such as tractors and boat engines (some have been tested and have good results in car engines). They prove very useful in 30% reduction of gas consumption. A small transition energy product, but at least it is being built. The NS government is supporting the development of this product. A factory is on line in Shelburne, NS, and it should come on stream in 2008 or 2–9 at latest.

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