DC insider’s comment on Orion project’s troubles

A friend in Washington DC says it seems significant that despite several years of concerted efforts to fund and develop new energy technologies by Dr. Steven Greer and his Orion Project and its predecessors, a web of interference and suppression, possibly including former and current members of the US “intelligence” and/or military communities, has seriously impeded or blocked Steve’s progress.  It would not surprise that person if the US “intelligence”/military community is split on disclosure of new energy technologies.  Our friend knows that such technologies are already developed in classified programs, “which could in part explain a rather inconsistent and zigzag approach to the current/former US Intel/Military positioning and actions re new energy.” “This could reflect in part internal power struggles and differences of opinion and debate over the pros and cons of various levels of disclosure.  Since the Intel/Military is not monolithic, and is very complex with numerous agencies and subunits, and assuming much of this debate is occurring in classified channels, it would not be surprising that various US Intel/Military elements are not on the same wavelength and may have multiple, competing agendas.”

A New Energy Movement perspective was added by another friend:  The continued obstruction by U.S.- based entities seems to make open sourcing of new energy systems more appealing.  “It also is likely that the U.S. will squander the opportunity to lead on new energy, and cede that role to other more progressive nations.”


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