Deep sadness for Japan and Earth

Like all other sentient members of the human family, I’m feeling deep sadness for our Japanese brothers and sisters. All I can do is send love. And the same for our planet Earth, also known as Gaia, whose atmosphere is being subjected to another injection of anti-life radiation.



  1. Me too, Jeane. I hope this helps us realize the power of nature when her balance has been so disturbed, so that we learn how to live in harmony with her SOON!

  2. Michael R. Himes says:

    Radiation is part and parcel of Gaia habitation. It was here before atomic power was almost harnessed. It happens beneath ones feet in aneutronic fusion at the upper mantel. We made the mistake of not using the form nature does and in Japan that has proven to be a mistake more than once.

    Land mass movement is also a part of Gaia. We seem to be more concerned about miles per gallon than protecting our climate balance. That too is a mistake. Gaia moves in response to water movement on it’s surface and below the surface. In fact rocks have always moved in response to the action of water. I recommend letting water move us along the highways with aneutronic fusion in a manner consistent with our planet’s natural processes.

  3. Hi again, Jeane:

    I feel exactly the same way about Japan, and its people, as yourself. I’m very concerned for them, and feel hopeless that we can’t get to the faulty reactor cores at Fukoshima to withdraw the fuel, the latter apparently impossible because of its melted state.

    It’s interesting that you mention Earth as Gaia. I’ve tentatively associated with the Lanark EcoVillage Project group now holding exploratory meetings (2, sofar), to see if any of us wish to commit to the material implementation of the project with actual funds and construction in Lanark, Ontario. It would be an intentional community, similar to what Sterling Allan is working with, and is being led by Mike Nickerson at this time. “Gaia” has been mentioned in the course of discussion, so there may be a kindred spirit between group associates and yourself. I’m still feeling my way on that matter, since I’m more attracted to the physical aspect of energy from the vacuum, rather than the spiritual at this time.

    Michael Himes talked about aneutronic fusion in his March 13th message, and I’ve been following the work of the Focus Fusion people under Eric Lerner, et al. Of course, aneutronic fusion is what they’re all about, and I’m intrigued with what they’ve accomplished to date. As far as I can see, the skeptics haven’t attacked them yet, and I think it’s because they don’t make any grandiose claims not backed up by facts, which can be examined by third parties. Besides, it’s really still “inside the box” research, but “bulging at the sides”.

    Your friend, for a better world,


  4. good to hear your news, Hal!

  5. The worst effects from the release of large amounts of radioactivity are not known to or accepted by conventional science. These effects can damage the ability of the atmosphere to produce rain at the normal intervals, with resulting droughts and floods. This can happen at any point on earth, not only close to the reactor. Over the next several years we shall see a sharp change in the weather on a global scale. For more information, see my blog: and join my mailing list.

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