Don’t frack with our water

Peter Allen is back east and I’m out west, but people in both regions and in between are waking up to the latest campaign to extract an energy resource without respecting the sanctity of local wells and aquifers. Today he linked to a YouTube video that’s a low-budget production but rich with facts of the matter.  What’s natural about extracting “natural” gas by injecting huge amounts of precious water at high pressure to crack the shale rock holding the gas deposits? Such practices are collectively Reason # 1001 for changing the way we generate power for electricity, heating and transportation. Greed is the reason that people weren’t allowed to have zero-point energy technologies and replace  fuel-burning with fuelless systems.



  1. Deb Leubner says:

    I live in the Finger Lakes region of NYS and I’m terrified about the idea of hydrofracking in this area. We have pristine lakes that supply drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people. This technique for extrating gas is a risk that our area should not take. There must be other, saver ways to generate more energy and jobs.

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