Dr. Nick Begich changing the way we live

On Tuesday I was the guest on Nick Begich’s radio program http://www.gcnlive.com/listenlive.htm. He’s a courageous relentless researcher — and by the way it’s not 100 per cent heavy seriousness when you dialogue with Nick. He has the wide-angle view that sees how bizarre some aspects of our world are, yet also sees that wallowing in negativity would be an ineffective response.

In short, Nick and his wife Shelagh are great to work with; when Nick and I co-authored Angels Don’t Play This HAARP in 1995, the brilliant flashes of humor sustained me with a generous daily quota of laughs, the best way to keep our spirits up for the task.

Now he’s the executive director of a Texas-based foundation funded by Dorothy Lay (yes as in Frito-Lay munchies). It allows him to continue researching, writing books, bringing independent scientists together in thinktanks — and have time to do an internet-based radio show about Changing The Way We Live. He believes in empowering the citizens of our planet with information about new technologies — before those technologies can be mis-used by whomever wants to control humankind.



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