Electric Universe conference in January

The Electric Universe 2012 Conference will have the theme The Human Story. It proposes answers to:

“Why is the corona of the sun far hotter than the sun’s surface? Why do comets produce bright comas and tails even when their surfaces reveal no sublimating ices? Why do seeds, when subjected to electrostatic fields, suddenly produce biological forms not seen in hundreds of thousands of years? Conventional science has continuously left us with questions it has been unable to answer—until now.”

Organizers of the upcoming conference say we can “Experience a three-day journey through the Electric Universe and discover the unified underpinnings of the natural world” on January 6-8 at the Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas. http://www.thunderbolts.info/EU2012



  1. 2011-11-19

    Hello Sirs,

    I found your Electric Universe conference site from Valone’s newsletter. I am not planning to visit it but I am very interested in the very topic because I have studied and developed models of electric earth myself, too!

    Today I undestand how atmospheric electricity like thunderstorms and Aurora Borealis and ionosphere / elecrostrosphere are linked together and where the electricity comes from. I have given this far one lecture about it here in Finland. Would have a lot for a book to write about to put it all together but there is so much else to do, too, so I have put it yet aside!

    My high voltage experiments have cleared a lot about electric earth and space! It is very simple after all to think ourselves as living between two high voltage potentials – one is the sun and the other is the one below our feet. I would like to think that both act as electric charge generators.

    When the charge accumulates the voltage between the heavenly globes of course rises until it hits breakthrough limit and the charges escape from earth towards the opposite potential of sun’s solar wind. We see that breakthrough low as thunderstorms and as some other atmospheric electric phenomena caused by these high voltage currents. Actually we can think that live on a giant Tesla ball connected to high voltage!

    Because these charges seem to be generated steadily it becomes understandable why there appears to be a constant global electric intensity of thunderstorms. Thunders are known to strike about constantly globally. I think it looks evident that the thunderstorms purge electricity through atmosphere instead of generating eletricity inside clouds as schoolbooks still teach us.

    What is then generating this electricity? To me it looks like the best guess this far is the natural nuclear fission reactions in the core of our earth. The same fission reactions that probably create the geothermal heat also produce beta radiation – that is negative electric charges. If they are generated constantly the voltage of our globe of course rises until electric breakthrough happens. That’s why the steady global thunderbolt frequency.

    The easiest way for this voltage under our feet to penetrate the insulating atmosphere between it and the conducting ionosphere are natural weather phenomena like thunderclouds with their high vertical air blows. So I guess the thunderclouds simply provide the easiest breakthrough path for a constantly accumulating electric charge of the earth.

    Also high thunderbolts above thunderclouds are easy to undertand this way, aren’t they? I would explain that from the ‘roofs’ of thunderclouds the electric charges continue up to the ionospheric layers around our globe as high altitude thundercloud discharges.

    After the thundercloud discharge currents reach the half conducting ionospheric layers of high atmosphere these electric currents can travel rather easily to those places of ionosphere layers they have easiest access to continue to the opposite potential particles of space solar wind. By Tesla experiments we know that such natural discharge places are the rims and edges of electrodes.

    Does a ball shape ionosphere have a rim or edge? Actually it has. They are holes in the ball. These are the ionosphere openings around both poles. Here the rim of the ionospheric layer causes a local peak of natural electric field which helps the atmospheric currents purge away from the ionosphehere layer opening edges.

    This disharge accelerates from the ionospheric polar opening rim up towards the solar wind in the surrounding space. The discharge glows like a Tesla bulb light in the almost vacuum remains of atmosphere as a faint light of Northern Lights as I would like to explain their origin.

    We know that global aurora fronts form two ovals. One is around North Pole and the other circles South Pole. These ovals move farther from poles during night – quite like ionosphere rim does. In the day side the oval moves closer to poles – again quite like inosphere rim! So I would like to suggest that Aurora Borealis is a high voltage discharge of atmospheric currents through ionosphere on thier eay up to solar wind environment of space.

    I would also like to think that the giant natural fusion generator of Sun appears to generate vast amount of positive charges. That would explain why solar wind particles are positively charged in respect to Earth.

    Also it looks like to me that the other planets and even some moons of our Solar System that have electric phenomena in their atmospheres or around them seem to have vulcanic activity, too. Those that seem electrically dead also seem be vulcanically dead. So I would like to think that electric activity of planets and moons seem to be connected to their vulcanic acticity, which in turn seems to be the origin of negative charges that I guess may cause atmospheric and electrospheric and space electric phenomena.

    Tesla seems to have reasoned this out. I guess this is exactly what he was doing with some of his experiments related to collecting atmospheric electricity. He would provide the vertical currents of atmospheric charges an alternative way of discharge. Then he would tap some energy from this high voltage current that will flow there constantly anyway. By my understanding the electric current captured this way would be away from the electric activity of global thunderstorms. Should we miss it? ;)

    Ouch, I must hit the limits of your feedback form..! :) I was inspired to write this by yours and by Jeane Manning’s website.


    – Juha Hartikka –

    E-mail JHartikka@hotmail.com
    Skype QE-Finland

  2. frederick R. Winn says:

    It is simple, fundamentally, to compare the Earth to an electric motor, that is Hydro-thermally ignighted, powered by sun driven evaporation. Energime R&D

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