Electromagnetic pulse or ejections from the sun?

Humankind is treading dangerous ground; it’s time to cooperate instead of build weapons. Building new clean decentralized energy technologies and sharing the empowering knowledge with all nations would be a drastic but needed change in direction.

With her connections in the Washington DC beltway and among cutting-edge science researchers, screenwriter Nora Maccoby-Hathaway has an insider’s knowledge of what society might face in the near future. The brief, chilling scenario is newly posted at http://www.altenergy2012.com/The_Day_The_Grid_Stood_Still.pdf

Will we face an EMP from military detonation, or CME (coronal mass ejection) from the sun? No one knows.



  1. MICHAEL R. HIMES says:

    Nibiru originated in the Arcturus system (remnant of a minor galaxy of old generation carbon brown stars) and is now the major component of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Resonance destroyed the intruder that had a very large atmosphere.
    The current problem is heavy Helium and the frequency resonance from the “Fluffy Cloud” outside the Heliosphere. Addressing the correct issue is all important to how we respond. I recommend addressing alternatives to those the Cave Man and We share….Namely no alternative other than passing on as a result of celestial events.
    The Cave Man talked about events in the observable sky and all we can do, it would seem, is blog about the same kind of things.
    Steven Hawkings suggests “Aliens” might be dangerous. I suggest just talking about it is a greater danger where alternative actions on our part seem more prudent.

  2. Perhaps you don’t realize that blogging may take only a few minutes out of a researcher’s day. It breaks up the more difficult times and doesn’t mean that the blogger isn’t working on anything else.

  3. Imagine if the world payed attention the reality of an EMP from an xflare rather than what Paris Hilton is doing.

  4. I feel like Americans are in denial about this happening and we need to not be. I’ve been looking into EMP for a while now and I’ve found a lot of information on them. I go to a radio blog website every Wednesday because they have guests on their shows that talk about EMP and have a lot of knowledge on the subject. Tomorrow (November 2nd), a guy named Chet Nagle is going to be on their show. Here’s the link is anyone wants to go listen to it: http://empactradio.org/pvp/episode73-chet-nagle/ It should be really great to listen to.

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