Electronic device to make home-power affordable?

Techie secrets of the bike/trailer in this photo may be news for anyone who wants sufficient electric energy to get off the grid and has a small source of wind, solar or micro-hydro power to start with. And it’s news for electric bike enthusiasts. Tomorrow, Rob Matthies will demo Vancouver’s first solar e-bike. The news angle is that it’s also the world’s second e-bike with a constant-voltage converter; said to charge up even in the shade.

Rob is with the Vancouver Gadgeteers group; techies should check out their online videos that relate to energy. He figures that if technically capable people learn how to install their own solar equipment, they could become self-sufficient for less than $2,000, because solar panels bought wholesale from China cost only about one cent per watt…If so, I’d like that!

Rob, also known as “ebike Bob,” is a nominee at the City of Richmond’s Arts Awards and will be showing the solar ebike project at Richmond, BC, Canada city hall at 8 pm on May 8. He intends to demonstrate doubled or even tripled range “without resorting to finicky Lithium batteries.”

Check out the Gadgeteers about the solar ebike trailer here. Here’s a link to a video that explains how they add diodes, and a link to video about building the charging plug to the battery pack.




  1. This sounds like an amazing invention – we sure need more like them! I’m impressed that this bike can even charge in the sun.


  2. Can I buy a million to power my fridge?

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