Energy expert foresees affordable hybrids

Is it possible to make plug-in hybrid cars at a cost low enough to be feasible for the average driver even with high-priced gasoline? According to energy analyst Paul Werbos, the answer is “Yes.” He cites the new batteries developed in recent years, but adds that the big news is that Ali Emadi and Alireza Khaligh have demonstrated new technology for power electronics, “which makes it possible to mass-produce fuel-flexible plug in hybrid cars at a cost low enough to pay off for the average driver even with gasoline at $4/gallon.”

Werbos says experts now know how to achieve enough flexibility to keep the world’s economy running, even in the face of a total loss of fossil oil, in a mere 20-25 years, using known technology. He says all that can be done without imposing a net cost on the world economy.

“New technology to produce electricity and fuels from sunlight, combined with sustainable higher oil prices and energy from space, could allow  Middle Eastern nations to do even better under the new world energy economy, provided that they invest enough in the scientific education of all their people and in the relevant infrastructure.”



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