Energy from the Vacuum is stylin’

The image here is from a T-shirt being sold to raise money for producing the Energy From the Vacuum series of DVDs (available from the DVD section of the  online store on Tom Bearden’s website.)

When a serious hands-on experimenter wants to build non-conventional energy converters and asks where to get how-to information, I usually recommend the online Energetic Forums and also the Energy From the Vacuum series of DVDs. Tony Craddock, executive producer for Energetic Productions Inc., has filmed interviews on various topics beginning with the theories of Tom Bearden.

The DVD series gets increasingly into the technical how-to as it goes along — especially in filming workbench demonstrations by John Bedini.

Craddock’s company rushed out # 27 in the series ahead of #26, which he says will be released later this month. They wanted to sell the #27 DVD to attendees at the Renaissance Charge Free Energy conference, and they kindly gave me a copy of it. I of course watched it as soon as I had time, and give it two thumbs up.  In addition to John Bedini giving a demonstration of how to make a “crystal battery” from common materials, he gives plenty of time to answering questions about it.



  1. A word of advise: If you want a sane person to take your writings seriously – refrain from mentioning Tom Bearden. I respect his enthusiasm, but he is way too ignorant for the stances he assumes.

  2. we need a free energy movement like the tea party that focus on zero point energy and cold fusion because its much cleaner and safer.

  3. Chuck Pierce says:

    How will we keep big biz from getting their greedy hands on this “old” tech. and really putting the screws to the rest of us? I would like to build my own device and wondering if i can get the prints?

  4. Having worked with Tom Bearden for the past five (5) years, I can attest to his significant knowledge pertaining to ‘energy from the vacuum’ systems, as is demonstrated by his work with John C. Bedini.

    Having built a Bedini (Bearden) monopole unit and watching its significant output, the naysayers and obfuscators have no legs and no foundation, truth vs error, light vs darkness,
    there is no contest. The evidence is sustained. Read: Free Energy Generation: Circuits & Schematics (20 Bedini-Bearden Years).

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