Energy from the Vacuum story touches emotions

I’m watching the 19th DVD in Tony Craddock’s DVD series Energy From The Vacuum.  It’s called Cold Heat From Canada, and is another of the many little-known stories involving real heroes who tried to uplift human civilization by developing “free energy”. This DVD doesn’t have the accompanying documents to the story uploaded yet, but the facts of it up to 1973 are presented via a lengthy filmed interview conducted by a distinguished Canadian media person, Austin Willis.

Willis is interviewing an industrialist, a Mr. Thomas, in the 1973 film reproduced on the DVD. It touches my heart to see Thomas — obviously an intelligent, dedicated humanitarian — firmly believing that his breakthrough will be allowed to replace polluting energy technologies such as oil, coal or nuclear power plants. He presents his story with both dignity and determination to succeed.

Mr. Thomas’ successful engineering company — 50 engineers employed by it — had gone broke during the years of developing what he calls the Energy Regain system. To bring out a refrigeration application of the Energy Regain, he started a new company, Energetic.  The vice-president of a large company in that field testified on film that the Energy Regain system makes all other refrigeration equipment obsolete. And that was just one application.

Mr. Thomas’ dream of replacing polluting energy gradually beginning in the 1970s was not allowed. The gift was withheld from us.

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  1. MICHAEL R. HIMES says:

    I have attempted to count the number of Energy From the Vacuum inventions that have reached the market place. Almost without eception none have. In fact, in the time that Jeane Manning has published information about new energy, fewer that ten inventions have reached the market. This says loads about a stagnant society made that way by greed and corruption. It says even more about books as a source of entertainment rather than inspiration. Did inspiration die or was it murdered? The Logic of this is “If it has not come to market it must be pseudo science”. A society thus self deluded worships power and greed and has not a clue about the value of inovation. This last word gets kicked around
    a lot but now is mostly found in clever market control strategy rather than clever new devices to change how society does things.
    As the Earth convulses it may become evident that had we these inovations at hand we might have survived. R.I.P.

  2. I so agree with the speaker above. And am grateful that people such as Mr. Thomas and Jeane Manning dont give up, but continue on with dignity trying to get the message out that there is an infinitely better way.

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