Energy Revolution theme, Phoenix Nov. 20-23

The Energy & Harmonics Revolution is the theme chosen by Dr. Chet Snow and Kallista Snow for their exciting 2009 Secrets conference, which will be at the Tempe Embassy Suites Hotel on the November 20-23, 2009 weekend. It might be the last time I give a full presentation; I want to focus on writing and getting my life more in balance afterward. See More on this conference coming soon.



  1. Jackson Steen says:

    Dear Jeane;

    I must start by relating my disappointment in the Bill Muller web site. I does not give enough information on the motor-generator with
    mechanical drawings and schematics of the clipping circuits necessary to successfully complete a working copy of the machine so as to proliferate the technology throughout the world.
    The information given at the site seems only enough to tease the viewer and leaving that
    same viewer with many unanswered questions.
    I wrote to Muller’s daughter over a year ago
    and offered money for further details so that
    I could build one and put it to personal use
    and did not even get a reply to my letter.
    I can easily build an axial axis magnetic wind
    generator but would like to apply some of Bill’s principles to that to get rid of some of the drag created by the ‘jogging’ phenomena which tends to buck the natural forward rotation of the rotor. There are so
    many unanswered questions that could easily be explained by someone at his site or associates of his that would help to propagate this knowledge throughout the world especially like places in Africa or India and
    many other poorer countries. The Canadian who
    helps poor countries with his carousel water
    pump so that children playing on the carousel
    are actually pumping water for their school.
    The same idea could be extended so that a generator would replace the water pump and thus create electricity for the village.
    So please see if you can reply to answer why
    more information is not forthcoming from the

    Sincerely, Jackson Steen

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