Energy Science & Tech conference attendees are interesting also

magnet spheres 2016You meet the most interesting people at the Energy Science & Technology conferences in Hayden, Idaho. The speakers are pioneers on the frontier of energy science and you feel like you’re watching human history being changed.

Pictured are a couple of the conference attendees. Ben Smith of Texas is using magnets to show Katlin Dahn of Washington state a principle taught by David A. LaPoint. LaPoint has a Magnetic Bowl Theory you can catch on YouTube videos. Ben Smith says LaPoint’s understanding resulted in invention of “an energy generator that produces a great amount of energy” for which LaPoint has applied for a patent.

Ben said it’s somewhat similar to the late Paul Pantone’s GEET device. “They both seem to be causing a fusion reaction of some type and they both can collect electricity in a loop or coil that surrounds the chamber where the reaction is taking place.”


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