for Monday event, strong turnout indicated

I’ve heard from a good number of people who are planning to attend the event mentioned above. It all evolved from one young woman taking the initiative. Here’s how it happened: This winter Mirjana Maras was employed (mathematician) at Blue Energy Canada office where she had been steered toward new-energy information via the book Breakthrough Power. Mirjana was inspired to organize an educational event. As a result and as mentioned in the post at the top of my home page, a Breakthrough Energy Forum will be held in Vancouver on Monday April 11, starting at 7 p.m. at Langara College, Theatre A122a.

Abderrahmane (Abder) Atbi, who gave a report in Vancouver on the Bedini “Renaissance Charge” conference in November, is co-chairing the event’s organizing committee with Mirjana. He and three other engineers will speak about different sections of the new energy research, and I’ll do the introductory talk and slide presentation. Looking forward to it!


Following an overview of new-energy news and what it means for everyone (by Jeane Manning), speakers at the forum will discuss

-         the harmony-with-nature devices of Viktor Schauberger (Rick McDiarmid),

-         super-efficient magnetic motor/generators (Craig Petersen),

-         John Bedini’s revolutionary battery charger systems (Andrew Kuepfer) and

-         a dramatic innovation called the Lockridge device (Abder Atbi).


Examples of other news — investigators of “water fuel” projects claim that some of their systems generate excessive power well beyond the input power taken from any battery used to drive the systems. Is a background energy of the universe the source of those unusual power inputs? The question is still up in the air, but we’ll be tackling it.


Langara College is on city bus routes and near a Canada Line stop. Theatre A122a is to the left inside the college’s front door at 100 West 49th Avenue, across the lobby from the Continuing Studies department. Tickets to the forum are $5.



  1. terra bonnieman says:

    it would be great if we could purchase a dvd of mondays event…. i would love to be there …however i live in the haida gwaii and cant make it there..i think alot of people are in the same situation…maybe a dvd or download might generate some cash…however i understand deeply being overtasked as it is allready…all the best terra

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