Frank Znidarsic – physics for a new era

Serious researchers of the-nature-of-energy tell me they’re excited about the research done by Frank Znidarsic, highlighted on a new series of videos. I met Frank Z. at Tom Valone’s first Conference on Future Energy and had noticed his postings on an energy forum years previously. He’s been at this a long time!

Now apparently the time is right for what he’s tried to teach; he’s gaining academic attention through respected publications. Who cares? Well in reply here’s a quote from the video’s introduction:  “Just imagine what it would be like 20 years from today if we knew the mechanism that would make anti-gravity and cold fusion a reality.”   The narrator on the YouTube video compares Znidarsic to famous paradigm-changers who were ignored before mainstream science took a look at their work.  For years, Znidarsic’s articles have been published in courageous magazines such as Infinite Energy, and now two of his papers are scheduled for publication in mainstream journals.

Could theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking be wrong about an aspect of quantum mechanics — its importance compared to classical physics? If you’re open to that possibility, watch for Znidarsic’s newest paper, titled A New Insight into the Quantization of Energy.



  1. Michael R. Himes says:

    My concern is that any day now, whilst we contemplate the marvels equations and demonstrations, Captain Nemo will surface in the harbor and anounce how the Nautilus works. His uniform in all respects is that of the Russian Federation Navy. If there is one thing they excel at it is demonstrating a practical approach to science albeit with political overtones. Welcome aboard and see our quantum science project at work he might say. Come to Russia where applied science is put to use. Remember to dress warm!

  2. Bill Pilgrim says:

    Hi all,
    I am very interested in all of the free power & also HHO generation. I now have the time to try to examine some of the claims and would dearly like to see them get up and go. I was an electrician working mainly in industry as well as finally a TAFE Teacher, before my retirement. I am now 76 yoa, with some problems with recall. I am unable to travel far due to a number of health problems, but would like to get involved in any way possible and would enjoy corresponding with others who have an interest.
    Regards, Bill Pilgrim, S.E.Qld. Australia,

  3. Time to start making a bonfire for physics books!

    Frank Znidarsic broke the bonds. A very clear, systematic and above all LOGICAL explanation to use as base for physics.

    Now we can move forward with practical – common sense – experiments and proof this logic.

  4. hello frank znidarsic is subspace communication possible please reply

  5. is their anybody out their that have imformation on subspace communication if so please reply.

  6. Thanks all. I don’t know about superluminal communications. However an age of unlimited energy is coming soon.

    Frank Znidarsic

  7. I wrote a book on the subject. I am trying to make it as clear as possible without missing any of the substance.

  8. Bob blander says:


    How come they can get generate energy with that Paladium-deuterium electrolytic cell but they say the results are inconsisten?

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