Free Energy documentary producer pitches TV series

The producer of groundbreaking documentaries such as Free Energy: Race To Zero Point, and Cold Fusion: Fire From Water — Chris Toussaint – is planning a new TV series that challenges the fossil-fuel paradigm. First, however, people have to spread the word that the show needs a $5,000 kick-start of funding and is the place where everyone can join together and make it happen. See the first version of the promo video here:

Ultimate Energy Showdown: Advanced Green Technologies Put to the Test is the title of the proposed television and internet series.

Recent events such as the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico underscore the reasons why we need a changeover of energy tech. “But there is hope,” Toussaint says. “Emerging ‘green’ and exotic technologies are here today. Technologies that if implemented would completely revolutionize our planet’s power needs. A green industrial revolution.”

Ultimate Energy Showdown is described as a television series that demonstrates — and proves or disproves — new energy devices that could power our homes, automobiles, and the electric grid.” It combines the do-it-yourself, practical ‘does it work?’ philosophy of MythBusters with the scientific integrity and creative imagination of NOVA.”

Yes! It will be refreshing to see scientific integrity involved in the television production when breakthrough energy inventions are shown on TV. Up to now, the mass media entertainment industry has largely presented what the vested interests want you to see.

Toussaint put together a professional team to develop and pitch the series to international cable TV networks with the intent of producing high quality episodes for a reality-series budget. However, to reach them he first needs funds to print materials and demo DVDs, hone the “sizzle reel” and attend major television markets/conferences starting next month.

I appreciate the team’s passion about this subject and the impact it could have on society. If this kind of information reach mainstream audiences, Toussaint believes, it can shift the conversation from Doom and Gloom about the environment to hope. “So that when these technologies do come to market, millions of people will know that they are not just ‘perpetual motion machines’ promoted by scammers, and they’ll be armed with knowledge to go out and buy them instead of relying on the coal, oil and nuclear industries for our energy security.”

Visit these websites for more details about their films, team and the concept - (under construction)

Project location: Los Angeles, CA



  1. I’ve been trying to think about how to be proactive… and it seems to me that getting the word out to as many people as possible is the answer. If young people can go ‘viral’ on u-tube and facebook with their antics… there must certainly be a way to get people interested in serious issues. I think that the youth can be a driving force here… they need to be impressed, inspired & empowered. The energy world we are talking about.. is their world.

    I just sent the following message to Every week they post ten top-inspiring news stories for those of us who are tired of the same old bad news…… Here’s the suggestion I sent:

    “I think that the following story would be of interest to others:

    For many years I have been awaiting the ‘new inventions’ that would allow people throughout the world to move away from carbon-based energy, the energy resource wars and the kinds of news stories relating to mining disasters, oil spills, and wall-street excesses which have made recent headlines.

    Recent reading has informed me that the needed energy devices have been in existence for the past hundred years and that the needed paradigm shift is in the realm of human consciousness…. The proposed television show described in the above link would help make others aware of the possibilities.

    The energy devices talked about are Game Changing Ideas. Their production and distribution may very well change political, corporate, and economic power structures throughout the world… and for this reason, these devices have been suppressed. One of the major tools of suppression has been communications. While the inventions are operational, the descriptions of how they work often defy traditional science… and the result seems to be that prominent scientists tend to push these ideas into the fringes while protecting their own credible credentials. (Remember that both solar and wind technologies would be described as “over-unity” if the sun and wind were not taken into consideration.) In the process, patents are denied, they are debunked by the news media, and the inventors disappear into obscurity…. and mankind remains stuck using last century’s energy technologies.

    My only relationship with these people is in our shared vision of a different sort of world. I would very much like to see them succeed in creating a paradigm shift in the way we produce and use energy.

    Thanks for your consideration, Darrel”

  2. There appears to be an omission in my second paragraph… My message was sent to

    It referenced a link to the Free Energy Documentary.

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