Free the energy, peacefully

Irony and humor succeed. A protest sign at the Santa Fe “99 percenters” demonstration read: “I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.”

A cartoon I drew about 25 years ago, shown here, was done in a more innocent era. Today, agents provocateur and corporate-biased media make it more difficult to get across one’s message via marching down a street.

Members of my family were in a protest march in London this year, half a world away, and I watched the news –scenes of vandalism and mayhem. I was horrified, but later was told “we safely marched along with 100,000 other parents, kids and elders. Walked past those rioters — they numbered only about 80.”

Why did I expect TV news to mention the 100,000 who were law-abiding?

Anyway, take care and be on guard against induced anger in a crowd situation. My last words on the topic are platitudes but heartfelt: the human spirit is stronger than the potential dangers of speaking your truth. And peaceful is powerful.




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