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Some youths who’ve read our co-authored book Breakthrough Power -How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World tell me it changed their lives– gave hope for the future to many, and for others it opened up an exciting field they hadn’t explored/experimented in. You can order Breakthrough Power here or on

Check out what’s new on the Breakthrough Power website’s audio/video page — new introductory video clips, with more on the way thanks to Michael Millar’s MarketingAlwaysEverywhere skills and his persistence to get me in front of the camera.

BTW, my co-author Joel Garbon is my best choice for inspirational speeches, media interviews etc. I’m the writer; he’s the speaker and it would’ve been my choice for Joel to do these video clips if he lived closer to here (Vancouver BC area). May you enjoy them and get insights into ideas behind Breakthrough Power and some questions we’re often asked.



  1. MICHAEL R. HIMES says:

    When dealing with a “Not Well Understould” steam generating power source call it steam power and let it go at that. A steam driven rotary motor is much easier to market if the mystery of how it generates steam is obscured in a misty cloud. After all, if told how it works people simply would not believe it….so why attemp it. A “Green Steam Machine” should sufice for all the difference it makes. But Santa and the Elves know what makes it work…..magic!

  2. As a newcomer to your site, work and writings please accept my thanks and heart felt gratitude. I feel I’ve covered 2 round the world flights today as I’ve been chasing down all these authors, articles and books(sent for both yours btw) and throwing back the curtain of disclosure. What a glorious way to spend Christmas! I’m not a hard-wired scientist but am truly concerned about the future of our race and planet. I want to participate in unlocking those realms within and without that can make for equitable change. Bless you and yours.

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