Health Ranger Mike Adams re Brian O’Leary

Thanks to Wade Frazier‘s updating of the wikipedia entry about Brian O’Leary, I looked up Mike Adam’s (Health Ranger publisher of Natural News) eulogy about our friend.  Mike also knew Brian and describes him as a hero of free thinking and a pioneer whose contributions to the world shall not be forgotten.

Since I’ve received similar questions, I’ll quote Mike’s response regarding the cause of Brian’s death.  “Also for the record, Brian’s death was definitely not a hit or anything like that. I say this because it is true that many free energy pioneers have been assassinated in order to kill their projects that promised to bring free energy technology to the world. Brian’s health was deteriorating over the last few years, but he continued marching forward, hosting conferences at Montesuenos and pursuing his mission of sharing the promising ideas of free energy creation with the world.”



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