Hooked on Books in Penticton BC

Just returned from the Okanagan valley, interior of British Columbia, where the Canadian distributor for the book Breakthrough Power is located. Red Tuque Books had arranged for me to speak at a new bookstore, Hooked on Books. Loved the people. I was a bit embarrassed though to hear my voice break when the topic of the Gulf of Mexico disaster came up. The only way I can see to avoid wallowing in negative emotions is to focus on the one hopeful aspect — how disaster brings people together and, more importantly, how this one is waking people up all over the place. Lights snapping on all over the world it seems.  Listening to CBC radio on the drive back to the coast, on a phone-in show callers were asked for opinions regarding a proposed pipeline-from-tarsands/oil tanker plan. The radio host seemed surprised that most callers voiced variations of messages that basically said “no matter what the corporations promise about safety of their big boats; the seas can be very rough off the west coast and anyway it’s time to take another route for sourcing our energy.” I’m sure that this level of determination among the people wouldn’t have been heard 2 months ago.



  1. Michael Himes says:

    Mother nature has a plan. The Earth will establish a new balance and in the process eliminate market demand and the need for money. If we are to survive this process, sourcing our energy via alternate means like pedal power or wind at a more relaxed pace seems reasonable. Then there is hydrogen fusion from water but that is a ways off since it is not a well understould science by the majority. Not the end of the world ….just pedal faster!

  2. Very well said, Jeanne. ;-)

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