How to make Hutchison Power Cells — see video

John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan are open-sourcing the instructions for making Hutchison Crystal Power Cells. The power output is tiny from each unit but the tiny units could be hooked together to form a free-energy battery charger if you’re willing to put in the time to learn how. On a YouTube video, they’re sharing step by step instructions.

They explain how to convert zero-point energy into small amounts of useful power — via heating rochelle salts, Epson salts and a few other common ingredients on a stove. They then squeeze the melted elements into a cylinder the size of a hypodermic needle and apply a jolt of polarizing electricity as the ingredients crystallize.

If you don’t enjoy goofy humor — and not everyone does — then skip the first part of the video because it and the closing include comic relief from “Karla Konniption” eliciting technical explanations from John H. as himself. The how-to demonstration by Nancy L. starts about 13 minutes into the video.

Over the years I’ve heard some of its leaders say the “new energy” field needs more female energy to balance its predominantly male membership. That’s one of the reasons I was pleased to see Nancy Lazaryan become John Hutchison’s partner and take strong interest in his work. Over the months after he showed her how, she’s built hundreds of the Crystal Converter power cells, and with his help she’s carried the free-energy experiment to a new level. The power cells are tiny but can be connected in series for enough power to do useful work such as battery charging.

Not a battery action & not a chemical reaction

Others have replicated their experiment. A recent replication shown on a video by a man with the YouTube name TeslaCult sets out to prove that the power lighting his L.E.D. is not from a chemical reaction such as would be found in a battery; the Crystal Power Cells are not batteries. Instead, Don says, “I think it’s drawing power from the background static electric field.”

Excerpts from a letter Nancy sent on the weekend:

“….Over the last 100 years mankind has been ‘accelerated’ along a path of very specific technological development. A path that clearly was engineered and designed for ‘some purpose’. We have been placed on this path without full knowledge of the effects of the technologies, enticed with toys we can play with. As we played with these toys, the Earth was ravaged; our source of life attacked.”

“…John Hutchison is releasing his knowledge and his technologies. We need to move quickly, and get the information into as many people’s hands and minds as possible….”

“If every person has a means of creating power from simple natural sources, then people would be able to ‘live off the land’, survive extremes in temperature (heating and cooling), travel unabated by fuel costs, pump water from a well for themselves and irrigation…we would be free…”

“Hopefully enough people will wake up and work together to survive this epic challenge now facing mankind…”

In closing the letter, Nancy Lazaryan repeated, “Time is short. If and when the grid goes down, we will lose the internet.”

In a press release about the video she reminds people that they have to make some effort to get the free energy. “…You will need to put some time into building the cells.”


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