Hutchison’s effects going out the door

Hutchison effectsIf you collect old radio equipment or vintage military equipment and you’re in the Vancouver BC area in the coming couple of weeks, you’ll be interested in what inventor John Hutchison has for sale. He’s selling from what remains of his famous apartment where many film crews witnessed his experiments. He has sold off many valuable items already, planning to relocate.

Or if you’re a scrap metal dealer near Vancouver, you can buy racks of metal cabinets and other heavy objects at scrap prices. However the radio equipment will fetch a bit more money. He has stuff worth thousands of dollars. Here’s a few items he told me about today:- R390A radio receiver, in high demand from collectors;

- NANSRR59 radio receiver. Weighs about 300 pounds, so come prepared…

- VARIACS — variable transformers

- working oscilloscopes (note for non-techies: these are electronic test instruments that allows signal voltages to be viewed

-RF (radio frequency) generators

and various voltage measuring devices.

If you are a serious buyer of such equipment, you can email him for an appointment:

johnkh25 at



  1. Rachelle says:

    Ok I am a newbie to this site, though I have wanted to learn about new energy and how things work for ages, hence why I went to BCIT to take the trades discovery for women course, not because I wanted to become a tradesperson overnight but so that I could learn to put practical learning into my daily life….I want to learn about how to generate my own power through micro hydro or hey this Tesla coil, do you teach or will you be speaking in the lower mainland anytime soon…will you be selling devices that could aid self sufficiency toward your own power source. I will try and become more informed about all that is available as time goes on…can you help, are you selling ‘free energy devices’ this i would surely be interested in, even if you just told me how to make them….good luck in your relocation, the energies are buzzing so much lately that it might be time for all of us to get out of Dodge….in a Dodge perhaps, hahaha. I have a dodge….inside joke I guess. If you are moving out of town maybe you could hook me up with someone who could teach what you have knowledge of or maybe just have me come from Burnaby to New West to sample some technology. Just want to learn lots, thanks for you time and good luck in all that you wish to undertake,

  2. Mark Bachelder says:

    Rachelle – a good way to learn about the free-energy devices that are mentioned here is to read Jeane Manning’s book “Breakthrough Power”. You are not likely to power your home just yet with these devices, but she has the best overview I have seen of these inventions, and their inventors. And she writes in a non-technical journalism style. You will find it easy reading.

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