Interviewing Foster Gamble, Thrive film-maker

Foster Gamble interviewed Catherine Austin Fitts for the Thrive movie, and tomorrow she’s interviewing him. It’ll be available for subscribers on her website – 6 pm Pacific Time, 9 pm Eastern.

And today I too had a fascinating hour interviewing Foster Gamble; that’s why I happen to mention the wide-ranging discussion he’ll have tomorrow night and that you can access if you subscribe to Fitts’ Solari Report.

My transcription of today’s conversation will be in the upcoming Science to Sage online magazine. Here I’ll just excerpt what he had to say about Catherine Austin Fitts, to pique your interest in their interview. I’m also a longtime admirer of her vision of how financial transactions could be done differently, and especially of how people could take back control of their lives locally and by cooperating within their bioregion.


Foster Gamble said of Catherine Austin Fitts: “She’s a financial visionary who’s also looked into localism and permaculture and what man does to align with natural forces – not only financially but in every other realm.”

“And she’s someone who was at the highest level of finance herself, even offered a job on the board of governors of the Federal Reserve, which fortunately she turned down.” And she began to realize how dysfunctional the financial system is. “When she was the Undersecretary of Housing and Urban Development, under Bush senior, she began to see the levels of corruption.”

“She told me that an average of $9 million a day was going missing in every major city across the country,” Gamble said. “And that’s not just money spent unwisely, but literally disappearing from the budget — going into somebody’s black box somewhere. So she started blowing the whistle on that type of corruption and was harassed horribly by the powers-that-be, dragged into the courts for ten years, her business was shut down; she was really broken financially.”

“But this is a woman of relentless spirit and integrity. She never stopped telling the truth, more than ever now, and is bringing forth new financial models based on positive return on investment rather than this debt-based economy that’s driving us into the ground.”

“I highly recommend that people check out her website at In fact I will be doing an interview with her about these subjects on that website tomorrow night.  6 pm Pacific tomorrow night,” Gamble told me. “Yes, covering a whole range of topics.”



  1. Hi Jeane,

    I was hoping you could help me get a copy of one of your books. It’s the Granite Man and the Butterfly. My father has been trying to get a copy of it for years now.

    He lives in Apsley ON, Near Glen Alda where David was from.

    Please let me know if there is anything you can do?

  2. Wow! Very interesting – and horrifying about the nine million dollars. Whew!

  3. hello Bo,
    You probably know that it’s out of print. I’ll try to contact the publisher, Project Magnet owner. It’s on my to-do list now!
    Jeane M

  4. Jeane.. I too would really love to purchase an eBook or a physical print copy of “The Granite Man and the Butterfly”. Any progress with the owner of Project Magnet?

  5. By the way, the Thrive documentary is really swell for mentioning the work of John Bedini and Earthships. Really encouraging to see that documentary producers are also, in addition to the same-ol’-same-ol’, talking about actual solutions such as Bedini’s technology..

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