It’s been quite a month

In December two New Energy researchers, both my valued friends, left this physical world. The same type of condition, cancer of the bladder, sent them on their way in just a few months. However each had had a long and interesting life and had told me they were ready to leave willingly.

You might not have known Phil Vogel of Olympia, Washington. I met Phil at a TeslaTech conference in Utah – a former priest who loved engineering and collected hundreds of books. We only talked about the books, gardening and energy inventions, so I didn’t know him as well as I had known William Baumgartner — whom I met in 1986.

Since William was well-known as a pioneer in the New Energy field and for his knowledge of vortex mechanics, I’ll write a longer article about his odyssey as my bimonthly column in Atlantis Rising. But that magazine’s next deadline isn’t until the end of February. However, in 1994 I interviewed William for an article for Explore More magazine in 1994, so in the following blogpost I can give you some details about his life.


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