Japanese technologist sees water as energy source

Masaru Emoto, writing from the “Academy For Future Science” to encourage more study of the subtle (unmeasurable with today’s scientific instruments) energy he calls Hado, includes a link to a fascinating video. Thanks to Dr. Patrick Bailey for forwarding it to his list and urging “This is very interesting. Please watch this and research it. It appears to be not cold fusion, or Brown’s Gas, and it may be something entirely new.  Water in, and energy + water out.”

I looked to see why it doesn’t look like Brown’s gas, because the description at first glance sounds like known oxyhydrogen. Maybe it’s more stable — longer storage time — and I’m told that the tiny nano-scale of the bubbles is an advantage.  However it doesn’t say how much energy is required to make the gas.

The video explains the technology of Mr. Ryushin Omasa, the president of Japan Techno Company. He gave a lecture about his discovery which extracts an alternative energy called Ohmasa gas from water. Mr. Emoto writes that “This alternative energy can be substituted for petroleum energy.  He (R. Omasa) applies specific low frequencies to water and agitated it … (the resulting) oxy-hydrogen solution can create fire to weld with and energy to run a motor. They already succeeded in running a motorbike with this Ohmasa gas.”

Here is Masaru Emoto’s letter, well worth reading through to the end:

Dear Friends,

I would like to share some very important information with you. I feel two incidents which are coincidentally happening at almost the same time in the Western and Eastern part of the world (the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico and Foot and Mouth epidemic in Miyazaki, Japan) are something that the creator of nature is telling us to pay attention to.

The Gulf of Mexico of course is an issue regarding energy and the case of Miyazaki is an issue of a virus out of control.  Modern science does not know how to cope with these issues and subsequently they are not yet solved.  There is a growing loss of many lives in the Gulf of Mexico and already 270,000 cows and pigs have been put to death in Miyazaki, Japan. We have no idea when this will come to an end.

I am recognized as “Dr. Emoto, the Water Crystal researcher” in the world, but before that I was a researcher of Hado, which is subtle energy, literally the blue print of this material world.
The world of Hado was not visible, nor measurable by modern scientific technology so it was hard to be accepted even though I described it in great detail.

Since I wrote the first HADO book, I have published more than 10 additional books about Hado theory from major publishers in Japan, including “The Prelude of Hado” in 1992.  In these books, I actually predicted different kinds of problems that the human race would face in the future. I also wrote how we can cope with these problems.  For this, we would need HADO technology.

It has been 15 years since then.  In the interim, my books, Hidden Messages in Water and Messages from Water became bestsellers and a lot of visionary citizens have accepted the Hado way of thinking and Hado technology.

However, government does not support the idea at all because scientists who support the government deny my theory and ignore it. I am not asking them to understand the theory and implement the technology at a governmental level right now because I know it takes time.

The problems that I described in my books are happening now, so we don’t have a time to wait for government and corporations to understand.

So, I believe we citizens, each one of us, have to prepare ourselves because it is an urgent issue now. The preparation is not difficult or complicated it simply takes a basic understanding of what Hado is. However, you may think that it is not possible to understand the Hado principals with only images or causes, and you want to see concrete Hado effects clearly.   I am writing this now for people who think in this way.

Recent discoveries confirm that energy can be extracted from water and water can be made into medicines via HADO. There are 2 major innovative ideas that have now come to light!!

At the first day of the “Water and Peace” Global Forum which was held from March 20th to 22nd this year, Mr. Ryushin Omasa, the president of Japan Techno Co, gave a lecture about his technology which extracts alternative energy called Ohmasa gas from water. This alternative energy can be substituted for petroleum energy.  He applies specific low frequencies to water and agitated it to chemically dissolve the water.  The oxygen and the hydrogen generated a unified oxy-hydrogen in a safe format, and this oxy-hydrogen solution can create fire to weld with and energy to run a motor. They already succeeded in running a motorbike with this Ohmasa gas. See this video clip which explains the technology:

I have been waiting for this technology to become a reality for 20 years. I have known this technology was possible for many years because water is H2O, and oxygen and hydrogen are a good source of energy. And it is a good thing that such a wonderful energy source exists abundantly everywhere. I came up with the idea to take water crystal photos from water in 1994 and succeeded.
I have done a number of various studies since then. The most beautiful water crystal photo that we have ever taken is a water crystal created when the words of love and gratitude were exposed to water. I published the photo in my book, Messages from Water in 1999.  Furthermore, I published my hypothesis that the H of H2O represents love and the O of H2O represents gratitude in my book, Hidden Messages in Water, published in 2002 and this book became a bestseller in many countries. Since then, a lot of people have resonated with those ideas and words, and love and gratitude are more frequently used in a daily life among spiritual people around the world.

Mr. Omasa who invented this innovative technology actually has been a regular reader of my books and he asked our institute to take water crystal photos from his water “Alpha Torino water”  several years ago.  So I assume he naturally received my hypothesis about the mysteries of water and I believe his Hado way of thinking may have lead to his amazing discovery of which energy can be extracted from water.

Perhaps he is not the only one who was inspired by my work with water crystals.  There may be a lot of people like him in the world trying to create something new and good for the planet and the human race.

The water created from his technology is called “Alpha Torino water”. It also gets rid of viruses and microorganisms and is now available.  It is also a kind of Hado medicine that I have proposed for long time.  Water seems to be very effective to prevent pandemic phenomenon, which might happen in the near future and of course a virus like the Foot and Mouth Epidemic, which is already happening.

However, this type of revolutionary technology could not be initiated by government or major companies in Japan because it would cause an inconvenience to certain people or companies who don$B!G(Bt want this technology to succeed, because it would destroy their current greed based money-making businesses.

But I am certain that we need this type of technology for our planet and the people of the world, and we can spread it out, and make it known by ourselves. One way to get prepared is by studying Hado, and preparing ourselves for the year 2012 when an energetic shift will require our focused attention.  We will be having the 13th Hado Instructor School in Aso city of Kumamoto in Japan from August 22nd to 26th and we will be congratulating the Fiver Colored Grand Festival at Heitate Shrine. Mr. Omasa will be there to present his technology as well. It will be a life changing event that I hope you will attend.

For the information about the school, please click the following link:


With love and gratitude,

Masaru Emoto
Office Masaru Emoto, LLC



  1. MICHAEL R. HIMES says:

    I think the hydrogen oxygen bond at nano scale is augmented by sodium in the transition between water and the Ohmasa Gas formation. The electrolyte bond with hydroxyl is broken at the gas formation boundary and retained by the gas molecules because of the nano sized bubbles affinity and charge polarity at the transition to a gas. A mass spectrum of the Gas may produce evidence of hydroxyl in the Gas molecules equally bonded to hydrogen and oxygen. A check of the Ph of the water in the exhaust would give an elevated acid level if this were true. The increased molecular size may account for stable storage because the container will not permit passage of this large a molecule.

  2. MICHAEL R. HIMES says:

    Ohmasa Gas may be added to diesel oil to form an emulsion in which a plasma to fuse hydrogen forms. The mass driver engine (See Micro-Combustion, Inc.) in closed loop operation with no exhaust can bring about the full potential of water as fuel. The issue is whether Japan or the rest of the world can overcome the greed of a 2% monority to benefit the 98% of energy users.

  3. m. thompson says:

    Echoes of Viktor Schauberger’s work here without his understanding. Schauberger very clearly stated the relationship between the rampant growth of disease and the unchecked use of unsound technology especially as it negatively impacts our water supplies and our environment. Mr. Omasa’s Alpha Torino water also sounds much like that which Schauberger promoted for positive health effects.

    In regards to extracting energy from water, Mr. Omasa seems to be following in the footsteps of the many experimenters who have made similar discoveries over the years. However, combustion in nearly any form is one of those negative influences Schauberger tried to warn us about. True energy from water does not require combustion.

  4. P. Gauthier says:

    m. thompson

    I completely agree with your statements about combustion, since Viktor Schauberger’s and Mr. Omasa’s work coincide with the subtle changes in water rather than brute force as in other electrolysis fashions then the key to water is in gentle manipulation of the sort that compliment it as in converting the H & O into electricity via a fuel cell rather than internal combustion engines.



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