Joel Garbon on Gary Hendershot radio show

My co-author on Breakthrough Power, Joel Garbon, will be on Gary Hendershot’s internet radio show tonight. Gary goes by the online name Smart Scarecrow, and he’s been doing some very interesting interviews.

This is a last-minute blogpost because I hadn’t been checking my email during this Canadian thanksgiving long weekend. Also been on the road, and preparing for trip to Geneva later this month — will visit family living in France and then to Hilversum, Holland, to attend the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference which I’ll report on for Infinite Energy magazine.

Joel and Gary’s topic tonight on the Alternative Energy Hour at 5 PST is Unintended Consequences.  I’m reminded of the phrase wild card, used by futurist and consultant to the U.S. military John L. Petersen.  His 1997 book Out of the Blue was subtitled Wild Cards and Other Big Future Surprises. The wild card of an energy revolution could come from a scientific breakthrough which makes all fossil fuels and other traditional energy sources obsolete .

Petersen wrote about possible implications of a commercial zero-point-energy  generator of electricity or heat that requires no known fuel. Implications would be vast “and in some cases, rapid improvements to the ecosystem and biosphere. There would be decentralization of government control of energy, and energy independence. What’s not to like? Well, let’s listen tonight and see what Joel and Gary have to say.  I’m also looking forward to Joel’s speech to the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference.


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