John Hutchison experiments with free energy power cells

Yesterday afternoon I met with longtime friend John Hutchison and his partner Nancy L., and on the way I saw new friend Timo J. from Germany, who does science experiments for a foundation which bought the remaining anti-gravity experimental equipment from John. Later in the fall John will go to Germany and show them how he created the fields that achieved the unusual levitation effects.

John and Nancy will continue mixing the minerals and circuits that, after they cool and harden, pull in energy from surrounding space. The amount of voltage that can be created is small, but the cells could be hooked together to create larger effects. Amperage is even smaller, but I’m told that there are useful applications for higher voltage, lower amperage power. There’s more going on than is understood; Nancy said that while she was completing one of the cells, suddenly it caused the aluminum underneath it to melt.

John is one of the experimenters who have signed contracts to demonstrate on-camera for the Ultimate Energy Showdown film project (see June 18 and 19 blogposts.)

In the evening we went to barbeque hosted by YueQing Yang and celebrated the contract signing for a Chinese version of Breakthrough Power.



  1. What a fantastic day! And exciting about the book being published in China. Wow! Interesting stuff going on in your world, Jeane:)

  2. MICHAEL R. HIMES says:

    Interesting how microwaves tend to melt aluminum and convey voltages over short distances. Is “Breakthrough Power” available in French and Russian? The Russians need the ideas and the French need to critique the science presented. Whilst “Breakthrough Power” may bring about change, some things never do.

  3. Breakthrough Power hasn’t connected with French or Russian publishers yet, and we welcome any leads on whom to contact…

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