John Hutchison tells Karla Konniption about self-charging electrets

When John Hutchison lived near Vancouver, I garnered many moments of healing laughter with him. While sharing news about “free energy”, talking about his own inventions or decrying the state of the world, Brother John and I couldn’t remain long-faced serious for extended lengths of time. The insanity of our era begs for moments of silly humor to break up the heaviness. So I’ll link you to his latest burst of irreverence. filmed by his partner Nancy. Costumed in drag as reporter “Karla”, at one minute or 1:20 into the video he’s interviewing himself about his demonstration — a self-charging capacitor. He tells “Karla” that an electret is a self-reactive material that’s used in capacitors. Apply high voltage and watch the sparks fly?



  1. I asked Nancy Lazaryan: “Is this pure silliness, or is there also something new being demonstrated here?”

    She responded:


    John and I worked together for a year on developing alternative energy sources.
    (May 2009 to May 2010…the year before we spent in the Gulf)
    We researched many things, including electrets.
    Electrets are “real”, and the video is tell people electrets are “real”.

    The “trick” is to get a high voltage charge into melted (preferably vaporized) carnuba wax, tar or lucite.
    We have NOT perfected the process (known as the Westinghouse process).
    There are some young folks, that John calls “hobbits” who are picking up John’s info and working towards a more simple method.

    In the year that John, I and another person (Jason Klubben) worked on the alternative energy projects, we DID advance John’s crystal power cells to over 100 times the original power. Shortly, we are going to be open sourcing the instructions to create the crystal power cells.

  2. Harold Lehmann says:

    Years ago I emailed John about his crystal cells, stating my interest in them. I am also the one that pointed him to the website full of 911 photos that I believed showed the Hutchison effect was involved. He thanked me for the link and I found out later that he sent a letter to officials of the state of New York about it.

    Any, It would be really awesome to know how to make my own Crystal Cells. I have a small lab. set up in my home and am working on a few free energy ideas.

  3. FRAnk Apostol says:

    Thank God for people like John Hitchison and Nancy Lazaryan. If we can keep a steady stream of technologies of the nature that Hutchison represents before the main stream, we can eventually force some inroads into the coruption infested and controlled prevailing paradigm.

    Keep up the good work, you two, and God Bless.

  4. liquid ferro electric electret: Suffactant bonded to rochelle salt and a light low viscosity fluid. It has a conductive ferro electric salt and an insulating oil or liquid parafin. Pour into a chamber seperated by thin membrane or cloth. Use graphene areogels for electrodes and you should have a super capacitor. But with a solid wax such as carnuba it may be a solid that may be melted and and cooled in a strong electic field to cystalize a perminate charge on the device. Thank you and for your time.

  5. Thank you for the technical and helpful comment on my ChangingPower website. I apologize for how many days/weeks it took me to get back to the site and read the new posts. Summertime was busy…

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