John Searl tours USA media

John Searl, the magnetic generator pioneer inventor from England, was on Coast To Coast radio show last night. It was a pleasure to hear him again and sounding strong and upbeat. I’d met him at New Energy conferences; first in 1989 in Switzerland and secondly in Colorado around 1994 or so. His life story — of overcoming obstacles beyond the imagination of most people — and his endearing sincerity and acceptance are unforgettable. And the technology that he’s been inspired (by dreams early in his life) to build seems like science fiction but it’s not. Newspaper reports document his flying discs.

Bradley Lockerman, the filmmaker who filmed The John Searl Story was on the radio with John last night. I recommend getting the DVD or watching The John Searl Story online, for starters. Then I hope more people will act in the spirit of the industrialist who  phoned in to the Coast To Coast Show and offered to  supply magnets to Searl’s magnetic generator project.


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