Kendra Arneson overcomes fear of BP

The power of love trumps the love of power. In the linked video,  see what happens when a down-to-earth wife and mother, who loves a way of life and its people, ventures out from the center of a disaster to see what is really happening. She wisely held her tongue while meeting with oil and government officials. When she does speak out at an appropriate venue, the words pouring from her courageous heart are more powerful than a billion dollars spent on calculated sound bites.



  1. barbara hermann says:

    Yay Kindra!!!

    I saw the video, posted it all over my facebook and sent if to all my contacts in my address book. Then spent an hour trying to write the whitehouse… (when I have something to say, I’m not shy about it) but today, I couldn’t get thru. One email, no longer works and the whitehouse website isn’t taking comments. I tried it twice…… not working. I’m so mad I could spit nails….

    I will keep trying. We all need to keep trying.

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