Last call for Bedini-Lindemann conference

There are only 40 seats left for the Bedini-Lindemann conference in Hayden, Idaho (it’s limited to a total of 150 attendees). Peter Lindemann told me today that all the speakers have “great information” they’ll share with attendees. Looking at the lineup of technical expertise — men with in-depth knowledge of how the non-conventional and revolutionary approaches to clean energy technologies work — I’m sure that’s the case. I’m also looking forward to sharing some insights about the big picture.



  1. Hello Jean,

    I’m not sure if your contact form is working properly, it gives me no indication if my message was sent. I’m seeking to connect with like minded people.

  2. yes it’s working, Dan. I just have not had time to reply to everything. In a perfect world I’d have an assistant!

  3. No problem Jeane, reply at your earliest convenience. I just wasn’t sure the form was working. :)

    Have a great day.

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